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Toyota Canada and Verizon Media get more mileage out of amazing stories

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At a glance

Goal: Change consumer perceptions around the Toyota Camry by driving awareness of the vehicle’s new design to lift brand recall and purchase intent.

Solution: A cinematic journey into the lives of extraordinary individuals brought to life on HuffPost Canada and through native ad placements.

Results: The campaign’s custom video content generated a 31% lift in brand recall and 18% lift in brand favorability.

A new lane for an iconic brand

The 2019 Toyota Camry is not your parents’ sedan. While brand research revealed that the Camry name had become synonymous with older generations, the new model’s “sensual smart” design and updated technology package shifted the Camry into another gear. To introduce the world to this unexpectedly captivating vehicle, Toyota tapped Verizon Media to help steer a digital content experience that makes a bold statement about the car and the people who drive it.

Passion comes standard

Camry’s primary target audience indicated they look for vehicles that give them a sense of reward and hobby. In other words, they want a car reliable enough to get them to work, and fun enough to help them pursue their passions. Partner Studio by RYOT (RYOT Studio’s Canadian arm), HuffPost Canada and HuffPost Quebec turned that insight into the episodic docuseries, “The Hobbyist,” shining a headlight on individuals equally driven by their careers and hobbies.

In one portrait, a data strategist composes original music on the violin while solving complex engineering problems for organizations. In another, an architect builds cities by day and constructs deliciously innovative meals at night. In each video, the Camry is featured as the vehicle of choice for these forward-looking Hobbyists as they navigate their unique worlds.

Rubber, meet road

The campaign launched on HuffPost Canada and HuffPost Quebec with a series of 2-3 minute videos accompanied by custom editorial content, all driving traffic to HuffPost Canada, HuffPost Quebec and Toyota Canada's Camry website. Partner Studios by RYOT also created :15s videos amplified over social and distributed across Verizon Media Ad Platform with native ad placements. Overall, “The Hobbyist” generated a 31% lift in brand recall and 18% lift in brand favorability for Camry, opening new roads for branded storytelling.

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