Turn holiday inspiration into action with immersive formats

 Turn holiday inspiration into action with immersive formats

The appetite for real connections and experiences is greater than ever in the wake of extended stay-at-home time, especially as the holiday season approaches. While brands can’t change the reality of the COVID-19 world, they can create new ones built on immersive technology that transports consumers and inspires them to action. 

Verizon Media is delivering formats that raise brand equity and elevate the digital experience for end users. Advertisers can now create content teeming with commerce product integrations such as in-video shopping, augmented reality, face filters and more. 

With 75% of consumers wanting new experiences,1brands have the opportunity to leverage next-generation immersive formats to unlock the future of advertising and editorial. Verizon Media offers advertisers WebAR formats across our 30+ editorial properties, with ads accessible through Verizon Media Native and our DSP-managed I/O.

Research by Gartner suggests that by 2020, 100 million consumers will be using augmented and virtual reality technology. That shift, largely aided by next-generation wireless networks like Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband. 

Inspire 58% more consumer engagement by giving your audience the freedom to interact with your products in a simulated AR environment, then tap out to make a purchase. The more time your audience spends in the world of your creation, the more likely they’ll be to bring you into theirs.

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1 Verizon Media Immersive Content Formats Study, May 2020

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