Twistage & Verizon Digital Media Services: "We've been right there with them"

Twistage & Verizon Digital Media Services

Twistage has been a client of Verizon Digital Media Services since 2008. Over the years, both companies developed a deep personal relationship. After Twistage’s acquisition by Lexmark was announced in March 2013, James Segil, CMO of Verizon Digital Media Services, and Bruce Wang, Director of Technology of Twistage, talked about how they grew their businesses side-by-side and developed personal bonds along the way:

James Segil, CMO, Verizon Digital Media Services:

“Twistage is an example of great entrepreneurs who had a great technology and a ton of ambition and energy. David, Bruce, and their team went after a really competitive category, and quite frankly, we were in position to help them. So, what started off as a business partnership a few years back really involved into a nice friendship.

There’s something interesting that happens when you depend on someone in business and in life. You really get to know them. Online companies depend on Verizon Digital Media Services. We’re their insurance policy. We ensure that their site doesn’t go down, that their site is shielded and their content is protected.

That’s a tremendous amount of responsibility that everyone at Verizon feels towards our customers. It’s their whole business that’s in our hands. For the executive teams of both companies, that’s a rather intimate relationship to have, and you get really close.

We work hard to understand the business that our customers are in, no matter their size. If we can share business advice beyond CDN, or help them with best practices, or literally function as a sounding board to talk through issues, these are the kind of relationships that we prefer developing with customers.

With Twistage’s team, it evolved in a really nice way. We couldn’t be happier with and for them, now that they are part of Lexmark. We look forward to being Twistage’s partner for their next stage of growth within the Lexmark family.”

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