Verizon Digital Media Services announces IPv6 Compliance

Verizon Digital Media Services announces IPv6 Compliance

On World IPv6 Launch Day, leading content delivery network permanently activates IPv6

SANTA MONICA, CA — June 6, 2012 — Verizon Digital Media Services, the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network (CDN), today announced IPv6 compliance, a new, no-cost feature that immediately brings IPv6 compatibility to customer content without requiring any changes to their web architecture.

With North America expected to exhaust its supply of IPv4 addresses by 2014, companies limited to these types of addresses will quickly be cut off from a significant audience that will be utilizing IPv6 addresses. For example, with e-commerce sales expected to represent eight percent of all U.S. retail sales by 2014, retailers that are not IPv6 compatible will miss a critical opportunity to reach new customers and increase revenue. EdgeCast’s turnkey IPv6 compliance immediately opens this larger pool of IP addresses to customers and brings IPv6 to their businesses. With EdgeCast, organizations can become IPv6 compatible without making any changes to their web architecture, thereby saving time, resources and extending the value of their network investments.

“IPv6 will soon become the global web standard, whether businesses are ready or not,” said Andrew Lientz, vice president of managed services at EdgeCast. “Any business’ online success depends on the ability to quickly deliver content, regardless of end users’ location or device — and IPv6 compatibility is now an important part of that. This new capability ensures our customers can easily become IPv6 compliant and reduce the risk of being cut off from large portions of their customer base.”

Verizon Digital Media Services’ IPv6 compliance is a free feature and is being offered on an opt-in basis to all customers. Once a customer activates it, end users can immediately receive content from the EdgeCast network via IPv6.

For more information, see Verizon’s IPv6 page.

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