Verizon Digital Media Services Knows the Asia Pacific Market

Verizon Knows the Asia Pacific Market

Have you given any thought to your content strategy in Asia Pacific? If not, you should, because demand for content — your content –is growing, and it’s growing fast!

The region is home to 47 percent of the planet’s Internet users and boasts the world’s highest mobile consumption rate, a rate that is projected to rise to 2.7 billion wireless users by 2015, according to eMarketer.

At the same time, OTT viewing is exploding in APAC. Between 2012 and 2018, 440 million viewers will have made the switch from traditional to digital TV. As a result, revenue from online TV and video in the region is set to quadruple from 2013 to 2020, reaching an estimated $10.19 billion.

Nobody knows Asia Pacific like we do, which has a lot to do with Verizon having a presence in the region for more than three decades. And when it comes to delivering your content at top speed to viewers in APAC, we’re already there with everything you need. Verizon Digital Media Services has doubled its presence in Asia Pacific this year alone. If you’re not already with us, you’re just moving at cruising speed.

Most delivery networks see APAC as a challenge, and there’s a reason for that. Complex regulations, dealing with dozens of countries, and trying to keep up with unprecedented growth in a mobile-driven market. The good news is this: Verizon Digital Media Services has figured it all out for you. In advance and to your satisfaction.


With our network’s SuperPOPs (points of presence), which are located in major cities like Seoul, Batam, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Taiwan, Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo, we get your content closer to APAC viewers than ever before. And we keep adding capacity at these locations regularly to meet your traffic and satisfy your demands.

Furthermore, we have deep relationships with hundreds of the leading telcos in every major APAC market. Need an example? Korea Telecom recently joined our ranks by signing a multi-CDN agreement with Verizon Digital Media Services. What does this mean for you? It means that your content on our servers sits deeper in our partners’ networks, reaching your end-users even faster!

There’s no getting around the fact that your content must be APAC friendly and your website must be APAC ready. That’s where Verizon Digital Media Services comes in. We get your content on your website ready to go, then deliver it to every country, every user device profile and we scale to support all of your projects, big or small.

Verizon Digital Media Services ensures that all eyes can focus on your content immediately and experience it in the highest quality possible.

Multi-screen viewing in Asia Pacific ranks among the highest in the world, and that trend won’t be slowing any time soon. With our extensive points of presence and our deep partnerships, Internet speeds in the region are faster than ever, allowing content to reach any and every device –whether it exists today or is about to be developed.

You can check out our speeds in Asian Pacific countries or anywhere else by clicking on Cedexis’ Free Country Reports.

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