What's Driving TV Everywhere's Quality Expectations? Connected TVs.

What's Driving TV Everywhere's Quality Expectations?

With TV Everywhere (TVE) viewing now doubling year-over-year, delivering high-quality video experiences to viewers should be every online content provider’s #1 priority. But delivering high-quality viewing experiences should not just be limited to mobile devices. What about the big screen? The fastest-growing TV Everywhere (TVE) segment is actually on TVs. This rapidly increasing TVE viewing trend will likely accelerate consumer expectations for online video quality on every platform, and that of course includes the big screen.

According to a report released by Parks Associates, TVE has experienced growth over the past three years. The 2015 report, “TV Everywhere and the New World of OTT” states that for the majority of these consumers, if the same content is available on multiple platforms, they will watch that content on the television if possible. As shown in the graph below, television remains the preferred screen for video viewing and is responsible for 65% of viewing across all platforms.


Among U.S. pay-TV customers that have broadband, 60% watch more content on their TVs than all other multiscreen devices combined. 27% of broadband households watch content exclusively on connected TVs, and 43% watch less than an hour per week on multiscreen devices.

One fifth of your TVE viewing now lives on big-screen TVs (the fastest-growing TVE device segment). And TVE is beginning to be used by notable levels of pay-TV subscribers. If you are a TVE content provider big or small, you need to make sure your online video distribution system, from production through distribution, is delivering native TV HD video and audio quality to big-screen TVs.

As the levels of TVE viewing on TVs continue to increase, more and more viewers will acculturate to comparing the quality of internet-delivered video directly to what they experience via native TV digital HD. Consumer expectations about online video quality overall will be driven even higher. The accelerating shift of TVE viewing to TVs means that all online video content providers, no matter what their target viewing platforms, now need to accelerate “upping their game” on video quality.

Mary Kay Evans, Chief Marketing Officer

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