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Why content marketing matters

Why content marketing matters

In the modern media environment, consumers face a barrage of content with brands shouting over each other for consumer attention.

With traditional digital ad formats, your message is challenged to stay relevant in a world of banner blindness and ad blockers. The solution is content marketing, which allows advertisers to develop deeper relationships with consumers through immersive, branded experiences.

The key is to pair impressive creative alongside data-led insights and premium publishing to reach consumers when and where advertisers want them.

  • Data is the key to understanding your audience. 50% of advertisers say data and insights alone has helped branded content succeed with their audience. LinkedIn Metrics Matter Report 2017
  • Great creative is the key to cutting through. 61% of consumers agree: as long as the content the advertiser is producing is good quality and provides what that they want, they do not care if the content is branded.
  • Native, premium publishing spurs discovery. 30% higher brand awareness for Native Premium Content than other ad format, more so than any other content medium, driving the most awareness


Because RYOT Studio houses over 30 brands, we're perfectly positioned to place your content exactly where it needs to go to reach the audience you want. Our native and branded content formats help break through the clutter of traditional ad experiences.

Native is particularly effective in driving deeper understanding among audiences, making it the ideal vehicle for delivering more complex brand messaging that cannot be communicated within the confines of a standard ad unit. In fact, native drives 53% higher brand awareness and 3.6X the amount of searches for your brand name and services.

Don't just add to the noise. Join the conversation and be heard with RYOT Studio, Verizon Media's award-winning, global-reaching, creative marketing solution.

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