Why ThingsRemembered.com chose Verizon: Interview with CTO Mark Lilien

Why ThingsRemembered.com Chose Verizon: Interview

Things Remembered is the nation’s largest and most prominent retailer of personalized gifts. Thingsremembered.com ranks at 343 out of the 500 top e-commerce sites in North America based on their 2012 web sales.

Verizon Digital Media Services: Can you please describe your CDN evaluation?

Mark Lilien: For a number of years, we had been using only one CDN. However, we became increasingly dissatisfied with their high price, bureaucracy, and slower-than-desired page response times. We turned to Cedexis for advice on alternatives, and they suggested looking into Verizon Digital Media Services as part of a multi-CDN strategy.

We profiled and tested our traffic on several CDNs, and Verizon was among the fastest. Additionally, the Verizon Digital Media Services’ (formerly EdgeCast) team was easy to work with and always quick to respond — something we were not used to from our previous CDN vendor.

Verizon: How was your experience during testing and on-boarding with us?

ML: We offer thousands of products on thingsremembered.com. That’s why we expected technical issues to come up during our testing. However, Verizon’s team worked day and night to ensure that any challenge we faced was resolved quickly and permanently.

For example, we would start testing at 10PM ET when there was less traffic on our site. Verizon’s team worked at any hour to support our testing and to research solutions for any issue we came across. Their team members are sincere, excellent communicators, and focused on quickly solving our problems. We’re really happy about our onboarding experience, and we’re hard to please, I can assure you!

EdgeCast: How would you rate EdgeCast’s performance?

ML: We saw up to 20% improvement in performance during our testing with Verizon Digital Media Services. Now, as part of our multi-CDN strategy, we monitor the performance of Verizon’s CDN on an ongoing basis, and Verizon Digital Media Services has been offering us the consistent performance improvements we were looking for.

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