Why You Should Choose an Enterprise-Grade CDN to Scale Your Websites on Demand

Why you should choose an Enterprise-Grade CDN


Success is measured by your company’s ability to evolve and grow. The same goes for your websites and applications. They must be able to scale on demand, and the ways they can scale are limitless. You can add more dynamic content, more web pages and more functionality, and you can expand your website’s reach to more users throughout the world. Scaling your websites and applications is much easier and efficient with a content delivery network (CDN), but not just any CDN will do. We’re talking about an enterprise-grade CDN.

Your website’s ability to scale becomes infinite and much more manageable when it’s powered by an enterprise-grade level CDN. Verizon Digital Media Service’s AS701 network, for example, is part of the global internet backbone. Thousands of businesses and organizations leverage Verizon for their internet connections, which means your website will be current and always available. Without an enterprise-grade CDN, it would be a lot harder to increase your business’ potential without affecting your website’s performance, speed and overall user experience.

Scaling a website’s capabilities without an enterprise-grade CDN can be complex and involves a lot of guesswork. After all, it’s not easy planning for more capacity or for more traffic. Sure, you can try adding more servers to your infrastructure, but how many and for how long? Will you have enough lead time? Do you have enough resources and budget to handle unpredictable spikes in traffic? You’ll run into these same challenges even with an inferior CDN.

Handling spikes in traffic is another important factor in your scaling website. Traffic spikes aren’t always predictable, and even the busiest and most secure websites are susceptible to crashing without the right support. Although you can sometimes predict for traffic spikes, like after you stream a live game, are mentioned on Oprah, or advertise a limited sale on your commerce website, there’s just no easy way to regularly plan for increased traffic support. With an enterprise-grade CDN, there’s no guesswork involved. Your website automatically scales right along with any increases in traffic without any effort on your part. So, even during the busiest times of the year, you’ll stay open for business 24/7.

An enterprise-grade CDN also frees you up to control where and how your content is displayed. For example, with Verizon you can adjust geographic coverage or add optimizations for a new mobile device. You can choose to make updates through a control panel or through our professional services. Unlike other CDNs, enterprise-grade CDNs will cache your content and allow you to rapidly purge and refresh within minutes, not hours. Keep in mind though that only enterprise-grade CDNs support self-service options or APIs to give you the control you need.

A CDN places your content closer to users by distributing it across edge servers around the world, rather than delivering from your origin server. Not only does this help to ensure that your website remains available, it also means your users are enjoying the best possible experience — one that’s high performing, secure and optimized for every screen. However, an enterprise-grade CDN takes it a step further. Rather than building points of presence (PoPs) at random all over the world, an enterprise-grade CDN delivers world-class performance through strategically placed PoPs with continuous technology updates to ensure maximum efficiency. The bottom line is more coverage doesn’t necessarily mean better, scalable performance.

Another added bonus to utilizing a next-generation, enterprise-grade CDN is the potential for higher rankings on Google.

Verizon Digital Media Services lightning-fast, enterprise-grade CDN delivers global uptime and scalable performance for every website and application. Here are a few benefits:

  • Global capacity expansion: We serve 5-10 percent of all internet traffic with 11TB of ingress and egress bandwidth, which powers your largest traffic spikes.
  • Impressive number of interconnections: Over 2,000 of the leading internet service providers, telcos and last-mile networks help to ensure low latency connections to users everywhere.
  • Smarter global expansion: We have more than 75 data centers on five continents, placing substantial network caches at key strategic network interconnection points.
  • Personalized support: For help anytime you need it; you set the priority of each support ticket based on how the problem is affecting your business.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring: Available in two network operations centers to help ensure the network is up and your content is always being delivered; your questions are answered by engineers, not call center agents.
  • Edge Optimizer: Our cloud-based implementation of Google’s PageSpeed Module is focused on Dynamic Site Acceleration on a global and enterprise-grade scale.
  • Account Provisioning: Our control panel provides you master control for large enterprises who need to set up multiple CDN accounts.

Built on Verizon’s powerful, global network, our Web Acceleration Solution and Commerce Acceleration Solution power enterprise-grade websites to perform at their best on every screen, everywhere in the world. Most of all, they are designed for your websites and applications to scale along with your growing company’s demands and expectations.

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