Increased trust and transparency for app publishers with app-ads.txt

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The IAB’s ads.txt initiative was designed to reduce fraud and increase transparency in the programmatic marketplace. It allows publishers to list authorized sellers of their inventory in a simple text file housed on their servers, helping ad buyers easily verify the sellers they purchase from.

It’s clear that ads.txt has built confidence and trust in the programmatic ecosystem on both the demand and sell side.

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App-ads.txt is the new mobile standard

In March 2019, the IAB Tech Lab released app-ads.txt to reduce the potential for fraudulent inventory and prioritize quality, verifiable in-app mobile supply for both marketers and publishers. We recommend adopting this spec to facilitate higher transparency and safer transactions within the mobile app ecosystem. Your inventory, in turn, becomes more valuable for advertisers since they know they are buying authentic inventory from your site.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Update your “developer website” field in the stores hosting your app(s). This developer website field is what advertising systems will use to retrieve the app-ads.txt file when verifying authorized sellers of your inventory.
  2. Host an “app-ads.txt” file on your developer web site. This file, following the official IAB specs, should list all authorized sellers of your app’s ad inventory.
  3. Publish the app-ads.txt file to your developer website - sample path URL: http://www.[YOURAPP].com/app-ads.txt

What adopting app-ads.text will mean for you

Widespread adoption of app-ads.txt should drive up value and interest in your supply as buyers will know it’s a trusted source for the inventory they are looking for. Help build trust in the mobile app ad inventory ecosystem by implementing app-ads.txt today.

Contact your account representative for more information or visit our developer docs and IAB Tech Lab’s publisher advisory kit.

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