EPOS launches podcast about the power of audio as brand building tool


EPOS, the premium audio and video solutions maker, have launched the first episodes of a podcast series as part of their brand-building strategy, thereby targeting their audience with a home court advantage. The podcast, titled Powered by Audio, taps into the universe of sound with the goal of increasing brand awareness and becoming a thought leader in the audio space through relevant content as added value. What better way to digitally communicate high-end audio solutions than a podcast about the power of audio? 


Audio shapes our world in unperceivable ways that we do not even realize. There is a reason why the keyboard on iPhones makes a satisfying clicking sound, a door of an over-engineered luxury car sounds a certain way, or the movie industry uses sound effects to create and emphasize a scene. 

How audio affects us in our everyday life is the main topic in this new EPOS podcast series hosted by Randi Zuckerberg, CEO of Zuckerberg Media. Presenting a lineup of guests as diverse as Pascal Garneau, award-winning sound designer/editor and sound effects editor from Skywalker; George the Poet, a British spoken-word artist; Marcus Ericsson, the Swedish IndyCar driver and former Formula One driver; and Patrick Hansen aka Es3tag, an EPOS Gamer talking about the importance of sound within gaming, the podcast provides a 360o perspective on sound.

EPOS considers sound an important and obvious media channel in their marketing strategy, not just as an added extra, which sound has traditionally been used as, but as an actual predominant marketing tool in itself. The main purpose of the podcast series is to create a brand-building platform that will gradually build brand awareness with each episode. 

By choosing podcasts as a media channel for displaying their sound solutions, EPOS is tapping into a growing audience. A survey from 2018* estimated that on average 27.9% of Europeans had listened to podcasts within the last month, with numbers growing from year to year. Also, a US-survey** from 2020 shows that spoken word audio has experienced a positive impact during the pandemic, with 40% of listeners saying that they listen more since quarantine restrictions were introduced; a tendency that might also apply to European audiences. Respondents from the same report mention multitasking benefits, high convenience, and new perspectives as reasons for listening to podcasts. 

“We consider the universe of sound a brand asset”, Brynhild Vinskei, Head of Global Marketing, EPOS Enterprise says; “That’s why a podcast was an obvious choice as a brand building tool. Through this series, we get to share expert insights on audio and how it affects us in our daily life, while also focusing on the importance of great audio solutions. Particularly under lockdown, which has prevented us from introducing our product lines to our audiences physically, this media channel has become an important outlet.” 

The podcast has been co-produced and distributed by Amplify 360 by Verizon Media, EPOS’ global media distribution partner, who work with Sound That Brands to create the series. The podcast series is part of a larger global campaign orchestrated by Verizon Media, that also consists of virtual events and paid partnerships with premium media, like Bloomberg and Forbes. Verizon Media also orchestrated and distributed the global brand launch campaign, Bad Audio is Bad Business, at the beginning of 2020, which positioned EPOS with a 7% increased market share and a 33% awareness*** among the target audiences exposed to the campaign. 

The first five episodes of the podcast can be heard on Acast: https://play.acast.com/s/powered-by-audio.


**Spoken Word Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research, 2020 - https://www.nationalpublicmedia.com/insights/reports/the-spoken-word-audio-report/
***According to a survey conducted by Audience Project