How Player Plus can increase publisher revenue while saving costs

Watching video on mobile phone

By Stephen Reich, Account Director, Publisher Sales, Verizon Media.

As the video advertising industry has grown, it's also become increasingly complex with tech stacks from multiple vendors, new formats, devices and best practices. This rapid growth has resulted in fragmentation that has created a complex ecosystem of video needs that publishers have to work through to achieve success.

At Verizon Media, we're in a unique position to offer our own video player infrastructure technology along with a full suite of ad monetization tools and direct demand. We've had tremendous success increasing our own video ad revenue through a consolidated player, ad server and SSP offering called Player Plus, and we're excited to make it available for a limited time to select publishers with no fees!

Consolidating all the technology components into one seamless experience will help publishers tackle key video challenges.

Reduce video latency

Player Plus' native integration with our video ad server and Video SSP minimizes the latency that can slow down third-party solutions, allowing you to deliver your content and ads faster than if you were working with multiple partners. Verizon Media Video SSP and Exchange connections, as well as third-party demand tags, can be added directly in the player setup. In a test with a major media publisher, Player Plus delivered 63% faster ad load times compared to its existing DFP ad server and SpotX player integration. Faster ad load times mean more impressions, and thus, more revenue. When AOL.com adopted Player Plus in 2016, we saw similar results, with 160% more video ad opportunities and a 76% increase in revenue.

Connect with quality demand

Player Plus is seamlessly integrated with demand from our Video SSP. This means you get access to unique demand from Verizon Media and over 50 demand partners bidding in our programmatic marketplace. Our supply teams also work closely with you to help package your supply and promote it to advertisers.


Less costs, more value

Working with multiple partners to handle different parts of the player and video advertising experience results in added costs. We're excited to announce that Player Plus is available for select third-party publisher clients with no player or ad serving fees. Our goal is to help you increase revenue, and our no-fee pricing ensures our goals are mutually aligned.

Player Plus also comes with all the usual features publishers expect from a modern video player, including a vast library of player skins and customization options, comprehensive reporting, and access toVerizon Media's leading brand safety and viewability solutions that include integrations with partners like IAS, DoubleVerify and Moat to ensure you have complete control and transparency. We also enable various different optimization tactics, whether you want to focus on viewability, desktop or mobile environments, or outstream placements to help you further improve performance.

If you want more information or would prefer to talk with an Verizon Media video specialist to see how Player Plus can increase your revenue and save costs, please reach out to your Verizon Media representative or videopublishersales@oath.com.