Making the most of your mobile inventory

Man drinking coffee and on mobile phone

You've worked hard to build your premium inventory, and to control access to ideal audiences. But often, that inventory is sold for less than what it's worth.

It's time you started selling to the right buyers — buyers who will pay a premium cost to be seen by premium audiences. Verizon Media can show you how. Using the power of in-app header bidding versus the traditional waterfall, we've seen CPMs for unique users yield revenue uplifts as high as 58%.

Learn how you can maximize in-app revenue—from first looks, to fill rates, to top ad formats:

  • Capture the most revenue per in-app impression
  • Rethink the structure of your waterfall
  • Embrace in-app header bidding solutions
  • Discover how to increase unique users and overall yield
  • Increase CPMs by ad format and content category
  • Learn why weather has the highest fill rate for content categories

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