DNS Search

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Users don't like to see a "Page Not Found" message when they're looking for something else. Our DNS Search solution can offer users a page of sponsored and algorithmic listings to help them find what they are looking for.

First, our software analyzes the user-generated URL and user location to determine what keywords the user may be interested in. Then, we provide search results based on those keywords. This solution, often leveraged by Internet Service Providers (ISP's) and toolbar partners to monetize NXD and 404 type traffic, is a win-win — you're assisting your users, while creating a new revenue stream for yourself.

Verizon Media offers flexible solutions, such as the Search XML Feed and Yahoo Hosted Search, for our partners who want to host this experience themselves or prefer to have us host it for them.

It's perfect for partners like ISP's, who have the ability to detect non-resolving NXD or 404 type traffic.