Fall 2018

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Dear Partner,

Partner Day

We are holding our 10th annual Partner Day on November 7th in New York City! Over 150 Partners and Oath executives will join for a day of networking and discovery with fellow industry leaders across Search, Mobile, Media, Broadband and Ad Tech.

Oath is all about collaborating with its Partners. We'll chat about strategy, products, market trends and growth opportunities for the coming year, and look for ways to innovate together.

Yahoo Finance New Tab

The Yahoo Finance New Tab is a new Yahoo O&O extension that combines the beauty and utility of the Search and New Tab by Yahoo extension along with the added benefit for users to view live stock quotes and related news from their Yahoo Finance Watchlist. Partners can distribute these extensions and share in the revenue earned from Search.

Yahoo Partner Ads Click Beacon

Yahoo Partner Ads ("YPA") has implemented a new beaconing mechanism that allows Partners to leverage their own conversion pixels through a new callback feature. Partners can now call for content or ads from a marketplace outside of Yahoo if YPA does not return any results. They can also specify a callback function when a user clicks on a YPA ad, which can be used to trigger additional beacons on the site.

Yahoo Hosted Search Mobile Enhancements Case Study

We recently launched several new updates to the Mobile Yahoo Hosted Search, which are designed to create a better experience for users while also driving a revenue lift of +9% RPM per page. These updates include changing the way Sitelinks are displayed and adding a new "people also searched for" recommendation of suggested keywords to help users refine their search. Check out the case study here.

Want us to cover something else? Have a specific topic in mind? Let us know. We want to help.


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