Best Practices

Mobile Design Best Practices

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When it comes to being "mobile best," we find it useful to follow a few best practices:


  • Have a clearly displayed call-to-action
  • Use a shorter menu
  • Make your homepage button easy to get to
  • Don't let promotional items interfere with your company's offerings

Site Search

  • Have a clear site search
  • Feature strong site search results
  • Offer filters for better results and experience
  • Ask users questions


  • Don't let users register too early
  • Let users continue as a guest during checkout
  • Use existing information during registration
  • Feature a "click-to-call" button
  • Have an option to research later


  • Allow easy toggle between text and numbers
  • Limit options when possible
  • Feature visual calendars
  • Have real-time validation of forms
  • Use progress bars where possible


  • Have mobile-optimized site calls for an easier experience
  • Avoid pinch-to-zoom functionality
  • Feature expandable images by tapping twice
  • Adjust for landscape vs. portrait view
  • Keep a call-to-action in one place
  • Use "desktop site" labeling
  • Have a clear call-to-action for user's location

Search Ads

  • Call for a minimum of 2 ads
  • Test sponsored search features
  • Advertise with us
  • Find the right advertising solutions for your business.
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  • Spend every day connecting people with the things they love.
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