Search in App

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By using Yahoo Search within apps, users no longer need to leave your app to search the web. They can search and browse for information while staying engaged with your application and content.

Easily add Yahoo Search results and ads to your mobile apps in order to:

  • Improve the in-app experience and capture monetizable moments. Users no longer need to leave your app to launch a browser to perform a quick search.
  • Generate revenue on search queries. Mobile search ads provide a simple way to monetize your mobile app without sacrificing the user experience.
  • Yahoo Search in App is now available in the US, UK, FR, TW, HK. This implementation is ideal for launchers, lock screens, browsers and security apps.

Search in App can be implemented with Yahoo Hosted Search (YHS), Yahoo Partner Ads (YPA), or with the Yahoo Search SDK.

YPA and the Yahoo Search SDK are best for applications where the partner does not want the user to leave the app. This includes utility apps, media apps, or apps where sharing links is useful, such as messaging and keyboard apps.

YHS is best for home screen search boxes, browsers and lock screens. Search results can open in a browser instead of in a webview within the app. YHS is provided through a simple search URL, and no code is needed to implement or integrate.