Search Sets

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Partners can deliver our search products through distribution opportunities, such as default search sets, homepage sets, new tab sets and browser extensions. Partners can distribute their own browser sets and extensions, or Yahoo browser sets and extensions like the Yahoo Browser Extensions.

Search traffic from these sources is usually sent to a Yahoo Hosted Search (YHS) page, but can also be sent to a partner hosted page with Yahoo search ads and algorithmic results. On a Fully Hosted YHS page, partners provide users with a rich and engaging experience similar to what Yahoo offers its own users on searches made from Yahoo.com. On a partner hosted page, the ads and algorithmic results are provided via an API feed or contained within a YHS iFrame. A Fully Hosted YHS page typically performs the best and is the solution of choice for most distribution partners, but results may vary.

Partners can manage their various implementations and distribution channels by using run-time tracking parameters and beacon data from Yahoo hosted pages.