Sponsored Search Results Best Practices

Two people working on a whiteboard

Ad Labeling:
Use "Ads related to " (bold the user query) instead of "Sponsored Listings".

Ad labeling example

Bold entire ad headline.

bold example

URL Positioning:
Display ad copy as: headline, URL, description line (ad will be blue, green, black sequence).

URL positioning

Keyword bolding:
Bold the searched keyword in the ad copy.

Keyword bolding

Underline text on hover:
Underline ad text (headline, description, URL) when user hovers over the text.

Underline text on hover example

Make entire ad copy clickable.

Entire ad copy clickable example

Open ads and algo in a new tab:
Opening ads and algo in a new tab drives an estimated lift of +10-15% CTR. Please note this may lead to a decline in searches, since users can come back to the original page and click another ad/algo listing without completing a search.

Open new tab example

Mirror ads from the north in the south.

Mirror ads example

Have a search box in the north and south:
Adding a search box in the south position of websites is estimated to drive an increase of +5% more searches.

Search box in north and south example