An ‘affiliate’ is any company that is controlled by or under common control with Oath Inc. Verizon Media is part of the Verizon family of companies, which includes Yahoo Inc. For a list of Verizon Media’s major content brands, please visit Verizon Media brands. We may share your information with Verizon Media affiliates worldwide for purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Some services provided by acquired companies remain subject to the terms and/or privacy policies of those respective companies. For information on privacy practices of acquired companies and affiliates operating under their own privacy policies, please visit the following links:

ONE by AOL advertising services

Our advertising services, powered by ONE by AOL, include thousands of websites, apps and other online services that have partnered with us for the purpose of advertising. For more information about ONE by AOL advertising services, please visit Advertising, Analytics and Privacy.

Device Identifiers

Device identifiers are strings of letters and numbers that can be used to distinguish one device from other devices. These identifiers (which may be considered your personal information), can be used in various ways and for a variety of purposes, and may be combined to link different devices. For example, device identifiers may be used to remember your preferences in connection with a website or app, for analytics purposes or to provide relevant ads to the various devices. Apple’s iOS Advertising Identifier (IDFA), Google’s Android Advertising ID and Verizon Wireless’s UIDH are examples of device identifiers. For more information, please see our Supplemental Mobile Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Pseudonymous Information

Pseudonymous information is information that is linked to a unique identifier.  This may include replacing a data subject’s name and other identifying features with another identifier in order to obscure the identity of the data subject.

Depersonalised information

Depersonalised information is information that originally comprised of certain personal information which Verizon Media has processed so as to ensure that data subjects can no longer be identified or are identifiable from that information.