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Verizon Media is a global digital and mobile media company, which offers products like Yahoo, AOL, HuffPost and TechCrunch.  When you use our products, our unified Privacy Policy and Verizon Media Terms of Service apply to you. If you have not agreed to the Verizon Media Terms of Service, the products are provided to you under the legacy Yahoo Privacy Policy or legacy Oath Privacy Policy (for AOL).

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Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use your data, how we share it, your choices about how your data is used and shared, and your rights under the privacy laws that apply to you. Visit our Privacy Policy.

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Advertising is a fundamental part of the services we provide. Thanks to our advertising business, we are able to provide you with many of our products and services for free. Visit How Advertising Works to learn more about how we provide you with ads across our network.

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If you have read our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy, and still want to learn more about how we process data, visit our additional pages. You can find more information about our partners, the different types of data collection and use practices, and specific privacy practices that apply to our Products.