The Verizon Media Enterprise Account Privacy Policy applies when you use the Flurry, Yahoo! Gemini, ONE by AOL, Convertro from Yahoo! services (the “Verizon Media B2B Services”) while signed in to an enterprise account (collectively, an “Enterprise Account”). In the event of a conflict between this Verizon Media Enterprise Account Privacy Policy and the Verizon Media Privacy Policy, this Verizon Media Enterprise Account Privacy Policy will control for your Enterprise Account data.  You also may have separate contractual agreements with us concerning our collection, use, or disclosure of your Enterprise Account data, and such agreements control and supersede anything stated in this Verizon Media Enterprise Account Privacy Policy.

Business information.  We collect your business contact information, such as your full name and your business name, email address, telephone number, address, and other work-related information you provide to us for your Enterprise Account.  We may use this contact information to send you emails or other communications, consistent with the permissions you give us.

Service Data.  When you use your Enterprise Account, we collect information about advertising campaigns you place or manage, publisher inventory you make available to Verizon Media for analytics or monetization purposes and apps you manage via the Verizon Media Services including but not limited to information regarding audiences, clicks, impressions, conversions, campaign metrics such as click through rate, analytics, and payments.  We do so in order to provide the Verizon Media B2B Services to you, and to improve our services.  

Cookies.  We use cookies to analyze your use and authentication of your Enterprise Account, as described in the Verizon Media Privacy Policy.  You may be able to change your cookie settings through your browser, but if you do, some functionality may be affected.

International users.  We may store, transfer, and process your data on servers located anywhere in the world, including inside or outside the United States or the European Union. Please note that the privacy laws, regulations, and standards of the United States and some other countries may not be equivalent to the laws in your country of residence. By using the Verizon Media B2B Services  or by providing us with your information, you consent to this collection, transfer, storage, and processing of information to and in the United States.