Verizon Digital Media Services' 'Translate' Software Redefines Multiscreen Process for Broadcasters

Verizon Digital Media Services Acquires Custom Software From Disney/ABC Television Group

NEW YORK — As consumers move from traditional ways of watching video to online consumption, broadcasters are changing the way they deliver that content. With a software package newly acquired from Disney/ABC Television Group, Verizon Digital Media Services is giving broadcasters a streamlined process for both digital ad insertion and program replacement for live, linear digital simulcasts.

The software, called Translate, integrates seamlessly into Verizon’s Video Lifecycle Solution, an end-to-end video streaming platform. Translate ingests information from a broadcast traffic and playout management system, then “translates” the traffic, routing and playout system data into the video platform. This process simplifies and automates digital channel management for broadcast networks and their affiliate stations, as well as cable networks.

“For the past two years, Verizon Digital Media Services has proven it has the expertise to deliver a high-quality experience to millions of viewers that use Disney/ABC Television Group mobile apps,” said Bob Toohey, president, Verizon Digital Media Services. “By adding Translate to our Video Lifecycle Solution, we not only raise the bar for best-in-class capabilities, we tap the potential of the broadcaster of tomorrow.”

Translate redefines the traditional process of ad insertion for local, regional and national advertising. By replacing linear ads with targeted, digitally inserted ads, broadcasters can increase revenue, optimize their ad inventory and have the capability for content replacement that addresses content-rights restrictions.

“As TV viewing habits change at whirlwind speeds, Verizon Digital Media Services gives Disney/ABC Television Group a next-generation video platform that provides a world-class viewing experience,” said Vince Roberts, chief technology officer and executive vice president of global operations for Disney/ABC Television Group. “One company offering a single-stop solution is the game changer the industry needs.”

Not only does Translate simplify the ad insertion process, it gives broadcasters the ability to create their own replacement rules for restricted program content. Programming rights underpin the scheduling of video content. Translate provides a lean and clean way for broadcasters to perform programming replacement through a simple user interface.

Available immediately, Translate eases the amount of work broadcasters do to assure the right content plays at the right time for the right markets, simplifying the unwieldy process of ad insertion and programming replacement.

“As online content grows, broadcasters continue to look for ways to increase the value of their business model. Translate gives broadcasters that competitive edge they’re looking for,” said Toohey.

Since 2012, the Verizon Digital Media Services platform has managed video encoding and delivery of content for Web, mobile and tablet streaming apps, including WATCH ABC, WATCH ABC Family, WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney Junior and WATCH Disney XD.

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