Persidera deploys the Volicon Media Intelligence service from Verizon Digital Media Services

– The Italian network operator now has a unified web-based solution for straightforward capture, review and export of broadcasted content –

ROME (27 June 2017) – Persidera, the leading independent Italian television network operator, is now utilizing Verizon Digital Media Services’ Volicon Media Intelligence service to capture broadcasted content for legal archiving, compliance reporting, and review and quality control.

“The Volicon Media Intelligence service plays a key role in our head end and playout infrastructure, enabling legal storage of all content transmitted over the past 90 days and supporting standard compliance audits," said Bernardino Santorsola, head of engineering and broadcast services at Persidera. “It is also a useful tool for certifying playout and for exporting and sharing archived content with publishers, our customers.”

Operating five national digital multiplexes and maintaining an extensive transmission infrastructure, Persidera provides DTT broadcasting, content preparation, playout, over-the-top (OTT) delivery, connectivity, and other multimedia services in the Italian market and abroad. The Volicon Media Intelligence service allows Persidera to address key technical requirements, such as capturing, archiving and exporting broadcasted programs, and provides easy access to both live and recorded content via a straightforward browser-based interface.

Santorsola continued: “In-depth testing of the service made at our site with the collaboration of Allyn, the Italian distributor of the Volicon Media Intelligence service, has confirmed that this solution responds fully to our needs."

Compatible with standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) bandwidth sources, as well as transport stream (TS) IP and ASI sources, the Volicon Media Intelligence service provides a unified web-based solution for rapid review, analysis and production of quality content.

To learn more about the Volicon Media Intelligence service, visit www.verizondigitalmedia.com/platform/volicon-media-intelligence/.