Oath calls on Congress to legislate net neutrality rules

By April Boyd, VP and Head of Global Public Policy

When Steve Case created AOL just over 30 years ago, it's unlikely he ever imagined how ubiquitous the internet, or his brand, would become in global commerce and culture. And it's unlikely Jerry Yang and David Filo ever imagined the scale and innovativeness Yahoo would attain, much less Yahoo and AOL living under the roof of Oath's dynamic house of brands.

With all of the twists and turns of these iconic brands, an unrelenting focus on innovation by extraordinary people has always been at our core. And at the foundation of this work has always been a level playing field from which to launch new ideas--a free and open internet.

As a company with deep and storied roots online, Oath unequivocally supports net neutrality rules that protect the free and open internet, including no blocking, no throttling and no paid prioritization that would harm consumers or competition. We believe that these rules are vital for our business, important to our global community of users to access our content when and how they want, and essential for innovation to flourish.

Today's action by the Federal Communications Commission to remove the current net neutrality rules now requires thoughtful work and action on the future of the internet. Importantly, we believe Congress should write legislation that will enshrine strong, enforceable rules; that will protect American consumers and foster innovation and investment; and that will endure.

Oath is both a new company and one with roots in some of the internet's most enduring brands. We've seen first-hand the promise of what the internet means for companies and our consumers. This is why we support strong, enforceable net neutrality rules to ensure the free and open internet remains a level playing field.