Introducing Oath’s approach to business & human rights

Globe in hands with blue tint

By Nicole Karlebach, Global Head, Business & Human Rights

Oath's mission is to build trusted brands people love. We know that trust isn't given; it's earned through demonstrated thoughtfulness, commitment to values and transparency. That's why today we're launching a new section of the Oath website to share information about our commitments in the area of human rights, led by our Business & Human Rights Program (BHRP).

At Oath we do what's right -- not just when it's easy but as part of our business operations every single day. This means we're committed to respecting and promoting free expression and privacy across all the Oath brands through responsible decision-making. This includes understanding the human rights impact of our brands, technology and operations and identifying ways to mitigate risk and proactively promote human rights.

A dedicated team of human rights professionals leads the BHRP and drives our efforts to put consumers first. Oath is proud to build on a decade of Yahoo's pioneering program initiatives in this area. We take a structured approach to this work informed by our engagement with partners from around the globe.

Our oath is Right not easy. We know what's right takes dedication and commitment, so keep coming back for updates and information on our ongoing work in the field of business and human rights. We'd also love to hear from you. Please reach out to us (send us a note) with questions about our Business & Human Rights Program, including about how we approach Oath's global commitments to freedom of expression and privacy.