Oath Announces Cybersecurity Advisory Board

By Chris Nims, CISO and Paranoid in Chief

Protecting our users is a foundational part of our work at Oath: Every builder, coder and strategist aligns closely with the Paranoids--our team of security experts--in their efforts to keep our 1 billion users' information, our apps, and services secure. We also have our eyes on the horizon. Today, we are announcing the launch of Oath's Cybersecurity Advisory Board, a new initiative that will help guide our security organization into the future.

Inclusive of both in-house and outside experts, the Board is a great addition to a robust information security program and will help us go even further in refining our security capabilities. We will leverage the deep knowledge and vast experience of the Advisors to help inform our plans and strategy, ask hard questions, and help chart the course for the coming years.

The board is comprised of seven security and privacy experts, all recognized specialists in their fields, including:

  • Nuala O'Connor, President & CEO of the Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Brad Maiorino, former Target CISO and Booz Allen EVP and leader in the firms Commercial Business
  • Bob Lord, former Yahoo CISO and CSO at the Democratic National Committee
  • Andrew France, former Deputy Director for Cyber Defence Operations at GCHQ and Managing Director of RedQ
  • Robert Bigman, former CISO for the CIA and President of 2BSecure
  • Chris Nims, Vice Chair and Oath CISO
  • Chandra McMahon, Chair and Verizon CISO

As Paranoids, we constantly challenge our assumptions. We take an attacker-centric view, continuously looking at how our work will disrupt the attacker lifecycle. We have dedicated teams engaged in threat modeling, assessing risk, red-teaming, monitoring, and investigating anomalous activity against our consumers. We strive for a secure-by-design approach to product development.

We also know our adversaries are humans who organize their work in campaigns shaped by long term goals and objectives. This threat landscape is continually evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and we are committed to evolve with it to keep our users secure and mitigate risk.

We're excited to join forces with this talented team of experts and are encouraged to incorporate their counsel, strategic vision and the ideas they'll bring to keep enhancing Oath's security posture.