Oath’s commitment to free expression and privacy recognized in industry ranking

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By Nicole Karlebach, Global Head, Business & Human Rights

Oath's commitment to respecting free expression and privacy in its business practices was recognized today with the release of the Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) Corporate Accountability Index. Oath ranked among the top performers in the Index, which evaluates the efforts of 22 of the world's top internet, mobile and telecommunications companies on publicly stated commitments to free expression and privacy. This work is never done and requires constant commitment and dedicated focus.
Since it launched in 2015, the Index has contributed in important ways to a public discussion about freedom of expression, privacy and transparency in the internet, communications and technology sectors, including the ways companies can fulfill their responsibility to respect human rights. We take a structured approach to considering these issues through our Business & Human Rights Program (BHRP), which is recognized in this year's Index. The Index also considered our relaunched Transparency Report, with information on government requests we receive for user information and content removal, as well as how our brands handle those requests.
One of our company's oaths is "right not easy." Addressing the impact of our business on human rights is the right thing to do for our users. We're committed to this effort and appreciate the opportunity to engage with RDR on this important work.