RYOT Studio Unveils Two New Global Content Programs for Brands

RYOT Studio Unveils Two New Global Content Programs for Brands

–The Earthrise Project and the Partner Collection programs leverage Oath's proprietary data insights, creativity and diverse distribution channels for brands to effectively engage consumers –

NEW YORK – Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), today announced two all-new global content programs from RYOT Studio: The Earthrise Project and Partner Collection. Both programs feature entertaining, actionable content that harnesses Oath's proprietary data insights and access to diverse distribution channels to ensure maximum reach and brand exposure. To provide an up-close-and-personal look at these latest programs, RYOT Studio hosted an exclusive event for 200 partners in New York City today.

"As a values-led company, we're collaborating with brands and agencies to create content that's data-driven, actionable and beautiful," said Kathryn Friedrich, chief business officer, RYOT Studio. "Less than half of marketers use data to produce content that appeals to their audience; at RYOT Studio we're changing this by utilizing Oath's 4 trillion monthly data points and diverse distribution channels to ensure a brand's story is not just told but truly heard."

The Earthrise Project is a first-of-its-kind, year-long content program focused on raising awareness and inspiring positive change around critical environmental issues, leveraging the entire Oath ecosystem. The program's name pays homage to the iconic Earthrise image that kickstarted the modern environmental movement: a snapshot of Earth taken by the Apollo 8 Mission crew while orbiting the moon. 66 percent of consumers expect brands to support causes they care about, according to Oath, and The Earthrise Project will enable brands to align with RYOT Studio-produced videos, editorial and creative on topical sustainability issues. The platform will also include curated editorial content from Oath's top properties, including Yahoo News, Tumblr and MAKERS. The Earthrise Project officially launches in December 2018, timed with the 50th anniversary of the Earthrise photograph.

RYOT Studio's Partner Collection offers brands a simple way to align with entertaining, informative and emotionally riveting video content. With over 30 themes, these episodic video series will be tailored to match advertisers' goals, target audience, storytelling style and tone. RYOT Studio showcased three series from the collection at today's event: a home design makeover show, Roomies; a celebrity cooking show, Memory's Meals; and an adventure series for outdoors aficionados, How to Nature. To ensure impact at scale, each series can be distributed across Oath's extensive editorial properties, through search and native ads, and through Oath's Video Activation Network to additional publishers.

Both content programs will be developed by RYOT Studio's diverse, award-winning team of creatives, filmmakers and producers. RYOT Studio is part of Oath, a dynamic house of media and technology brands that reaches one billion people around the world. To learn more about The Earthrise Project and Partner Collection, visit https://www.oath.com/brands/ryot-studio.

Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon, is a values-led company committed to building brands people love. Oath reaches one billion people around the world with a dynamic house of media and technology brands. A global leader in digital and mobile, Oath is shaping the future of media and technology. For more on Oath, visit www.oath.com.


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