Artist Aaron De La Cruz brings Oath values and brands to life in commissioned work

Artist Aaron De La Cruz works on a mural.

By Stacy Lambatos, Vice President, Brand Experiences

As the company that builds brands people love, we know the best ones thrive at the heart of culture, so we've teamed up with one of San Francisco's most culturally relevant artists.

Aaron De La Cruz is an artist best-known for the stunning and sprawling murals he's created in public spaces. His style blends graphic design, a fascination with architectural blueprints, and an obsession with deconstructing letters and shapes into new forms. De La Cruz paints his murals free-hand, rolling a blend of house and studio paint into the strokes that build into patterns that build into artworks that capture eyes and start conversations.

When we met Aaron De La Cruz, we quickly discovered that his artistry embodies how we build brands at Oath: with a maniacal eye toward understanding our ever-evolving surroundings and embracing different pieces to create wholly innovative experiences and technology. We also share a dedication to creating through our values and for our communities. It's this connection that drove our decision to have De La Cruz capture in beautiful analog design this digital manifesto.

From the way we think about our diverse talent to the strategy behind our approach to product design and technology, De La Cruz hit the mark with his mural in our Sunnyvale office. He has layered two of his signature styles to capture the breadth and depth of our house of brands. His colored circles and black marks reflect our brands and the connections between them, the blue borders and intersections on top represent how Oath brings all the pieces together.

If you spot hints of threes or eights, those speak to our three-word oaths and eight company values, such as Commit to Inclusion, Right Not Easy and Create What's Next. And if you think Oath moves fast, you should know—this mural was created in two days. Aaron's designs help raise the bar for our brand merchandise giving Oath and brands an artists style while the AR technology we incorporated bring another level to Aaron's work combining tech and art.

De La Cruz's design is resounding and transcendent at a time when brands are redefining their place in society and reaching consumers on new levels. With our Brand Love Index showing a growing number of consumers that want to be seen using brands that share their values, we'll be sharing our message with posters replicating the mural at some of our global offices. We'll also bring products to our company store that incorporate his design, with a portion of proceeds going to Turnaround Arts.

As a values led brand, we're proud to have partnered with someone who shares in our commitment to community and creative approach.

And check out our extended Accessibility version of the video below. As the video is visually rich, our Accessibility team had it described for blind people as well using audio description. The technique involves having editors write descriptions of key visual elements in pauses between narration.