Transparency report update: The latest numbers and an update on our continuing efforts to give our users more control over their data

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By Julie Jacobs, General Counsel

Today, as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, we're releasing an update to our biannual transparency report. Our transparency report includes information on government requests we received in the second half of 2017 for user information and content removal, as well as how our brands responded.

In this reporting period, we generally saw a rate of government data requests for user information consistent with previous reporting periods while the number of government requests for content removal received by Oath brands increased slightly.

We've also taken additional steps to be more transparent about how data is used to power our products, the choices our users have to manage their data, and initiatives that we're undertaking to respect the privacy and free expression rights of our users.

  • We've worked to provide our users clear, easy-to-read information related to the data we collect and how we use it.
  • We added new controls that allow registered users to see and manage their account information, marketing preferences, location data, search history, and more.
  • We outlined our approach to GDPR compliance, and we are working to make the new consumer data rights under GDPR easy and accessible for our members.
  • We published information on our structured approach to assessing the impact of our business decisions on human rights, including free expression and privacy, which is led by our Business and Human Rights Program.

As always, we remain unwavering in our commitment to user privacy and freedom of expression, and we remain committed to being transparent and open with our members and users about our approach to these issues.