Introducing Yahoo Together – group messaging just got organized

Author: Adam Mathes, Senior Director, Product Management


Have you ever been in a group SMS thread with 10 people talking about 18 different things at once? It can make it hard to follow along, let alone plan a barbecue.

We built Yahoo Together to fix that. It's group chat that makes life easier through organization and smart tools.

Gather people into the groups you care most about (family, friends, book clubs, bowling leagues) and then split up your conversations with topics. So instead of talking about 18 things at once, you can follow the topics you care about, and mute the rest.

Sharing photos and videos also work great in Together, but we went beyond that to let you attach any file you want into a shared library for the group. And, instead of digging through your long text threads to find a message or attachment, powerful search helps you find all those easily.

Planning something with a group? Shared calendars are a hassle to set up and get people to use, so we often end up relying on messaging to do the reminding for us. We've automated that – you can attach a smart reminder to any message. The group will get notified at the scheduled time.

We've also made it easy to respond in a single tap with a custom reaction. Our team has found that they quickly come to reflect our in-jokes and personal catchphrases --


Watch our video to see Yahoo Together in action, and try it out with the groups you care about today! Download it now for iOS or Android.