Yahoo Lifestyle Announces the NOW//With Network: A Unique, Digital Storytelling and Shopping Experience with Top Celebrities

Yahoo Lifestyle Announces the NOW//With Network: A Unique, Digital Storytelling and Shopping Experience with Top Celebrities

"Style NOW//With" Featuring Nicole Richie, in Partnership with Working Sundays, Kicks Off the New Interactive E-Commerce Platform Launching November 15th

NowWith presented by Yahoo Lifestyle

New York, NY -- October 31, 2018 -- Today, Yahoo Lifestyle announced the launch of the NOW//With Network - a celebrity-driven, interactive platform that will connect consumers closer than ever before with top talent, brands and products through premium storytelling and interactive shoppable experiences. This unique branded content network, founded by celebrity branding expert Nicole Winnaman of Working Sundays, will launch on November 15, 2018 exclusively on Yahoo Lifestyle - the leading digital source for style, beauty and wellness trending stories.

"NOW//With," produced and presented by Yahoo Lifestyle, will feature shoppable episodes catered to verticals aligned with trending topics including but not limited to: fashion, beauty, home, design, food and wellness. Nicole Richie will be among the leading influencers and cultural figures that will guide the viewer through an exciting digital experience that informs, entertains and offers tips, tricks and inspiration.

Matched with Yahoo Lifestyle's influence and reach, this unique partnership will take the shopping and storytelling experience to new audiences just in time for the holiday shopping season.

"As a leading cultural and style news source, Yahoo Lifestyle is always looking to elevate the conversation and experience with our audiences," said Lori Bongiorno, General Manager of Yahoo Lifestyle, Yahoo Entertainment and MAKERS. "'NOW//With' brings our most premium content to an interactive shopping platform that allows the viewer to intimately follow their favorite stars as they dive into their closets, purses, and down the aisles of their favorite stores."

The premiere of the "NOW//With" Network series includes "Style NOW//With," where actress, creative director and entrepreneur Nicole Richie will take viewers on an intimate, shoppable journey, with clickable content. This multi-episode series will also be the first destination to sell Richie's new Honey Minx Lifestyle Collection, an exclusive Working Sundays brand.

"I'm thrilled to join forces with Yahoo Lifestyle to pioneer the interactive online shopping experience with the NOW//With Network," said Nicole Richie. "I look forward to debuting my lifestyle collection Honey Minx and giving my customers a new, exciting, fresh way to shop."

"With the NOW//With Network, we have brought together the biggest names in Hollywood to create the most intimate shoppable content consumers have seen," said Nicole Winnaman, Founder of the NOW//With Network and Cofounder of Working Sundays. "Our ability to bring these curated products to market quickly and while maintaining the highest quality is the future of retail."

In conjunction with the November 15 launch of the NOW//With Network presented by Yahoo Lifestyle, an exclusive event with participating talent will be held in Los Angeles.

You can watch all "NOW//With" episodes on Yahoo.com/NowWith and follow along on Twitter at @YahooLifestyle, on Instagram at @YahooLifestyle and @NowWith and on Tumblr at NowWithNetwork.tumblr.com.

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About Working Sundays

Working Sundays is the exclusive celebrity licensing and branding partnership venture between the NOW//With Network and Twila True Collaborations co founded by entertainment industry powerhouses Nicole Winnaman, Twila True and Ashlee Margolis. With unparalleled expertise and access to the global resources, they accelerate product launches direct to consumer for the world's biggest stars.


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