RE:Think Email. Introducing the All New Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail on multiple mobile phones

By Josh Jacobson & Shiv Shankar

Our relationship with email has evolved over the years, and the ways in which we use personal and business emails have also started to diverge. However, email apps haven’t kept pace with these changes. Today, corporate email is largely synonymous with massive threads with far too many colleagues cc’d. Meanwhile, personal email has become the primary method for communicating with brands and businesses.  Sometimes those messages and updates are useful. Other times, you don’t want to be bothered with it... at least not right now - but you know you’ll need to find it later.  

When it comes to your personal inbox, our lead designer Chris Royer says, “Email is the business of your life.”

While our existing Yahoo Mail apps receive great ratings and continue to grow their user base at a healthy clip, we’re always seeking improvement.  We have listened to our users every day (via ratings, reviews, direct feedback, and surveys), and invited a few of them into our office once a week to learn how we could solve any issues they’ve had with their email experience.  A few insights emerged:

  1. The majority of emails were related to shopping and deals, but existing apps didn’t help them find the best deals when it mattered most.
  2. Phones are getting bigger and bigger so it was difficult to reach the menu at the top of the screen with one hand. 
  3. While most understood that they could probably unsubscribe from certain messages, the process was confusing and they weren’t sure if opening the email or clicking within it might lead to even more spam.
  4. While typing into a search box may be one way to find things like attachments, it was hard to know what exactly to search for, so people would mostly just randomly scroll through their email, and often give up.
  5. In general, people felt all the important data was getting buried amidst a sea of unimportant messages and they just couldn’t keep up with trying to delete it all.
  6. Everyone uses email a little bit differently, so there is certainly no “one size fits all” approach.


After about one year of planning, prototyping, testing, and listening, we worked as a team to solve these issues for you.  Today we are extremely proud to introduce the all-new Yahoo Mail mobile app.

YM6MobileYM6 Theme Chooser



What’s new?

  • The navigation bar: find what you need faster--all within a thumb’s reach! Now you can access all your folders and views along the bottom in what we call the “Joy Bar”, which you can customize for your needs. Just tap the 3-dot “More” menu on the right,  tap “Customize”, then drag and drop the icons into the joy bar. Voila!
  • Unsubscribe: sick of all the junk mail? So are we! The new Subscriptions View shows you all the mailing lists you’re subscribed to and lets you unsubscribe with 1 tap!
  • Attachments: easily find email attachments like photos or documents that you’ve sent or received in one place. Quickly filter by sent, received, and file type.
  • Deals: see all the deals and offers from your inbox in one clean view, organized based by category and the quality of the deal. Browse by store, location, or recommended deals, and save your favorites.  Unusually great deals (like 50% from a store that normally only gives 20%) are highlighted as well.
  • Groceries: save money on the essentials with the new Grocery View. Browse & save offers from local stores, and connect your store loyalty card to automatically apply your saved coupons at checkout. 
  • Notifications: want to get notified about every single email that comes in? If you do, that’s cool. If not, you can now choose from categories including Active Updates -- shipping confirmations, real-time package tracking, and flight status updates. You can also select from 11 unique sounds, and apply different settings to each of your accounts to help keep them separate. 
  • Themes: we’ve added more theme color options! Now you can choose from 14 different colors, all available on light or dark mode.  If you have iOS13 or Android 10, the dark mode will change automatically with the device.
  • Accessibility: Yahoo Mail was designed with accessibility as a priority, and is optimized for screen readers like Talkback on Android and VoiceOver on iOS for users for users with visual impairments, and supports dynamic text resizing as well as smart color inversion to increase contrast for low vision users.


We hope you enjoy the new Yahoo Mail, rolling out today! Please Download it today in the App Store or Google Play. Also, if you don’t have a Yahoo Mail account, you can log in with your other email accounts and still take advantage of the app’s features. If you have any suggestions for future updates, we’d love to hear them. Just tap the profile icon in the upper left, and then tap “Give feedback.”