Verizon Media Launches Privacy-Focused Search Engine, OneSearch


NEW YORK (January 14, 2020, 12pm EST) – Verizon Media today announced the launch of OneSearch, a new consumer search experience with enhanced privacy features. Available for free today on desktop and mobile web at www.onesearch.com, OneSearch doesn't track, store, or share personal or search data with advertisers, giving users greater control of their personal information in a search context. Businesses with an interest in security can partner with Verizon Media to integrate OneSearch into their privacy and security products, giving their customers another measure of control.

“We deeply believe in consumer trust and choice, both for our user community and our partners,” said Michael Albers, Head of Consumer Product, Verizon Media. “In support of our commitment to trust and transparency, we are excited to launch OneSearch, an innovative new online search experience built for privacy-minded searchers. With it, you can search the internet with increased confidence, knowing your personal and search data isn't being tracked, stored, or shared with advertisers."

OneSearch’s privacy-focused features for consumers include:

  • No cookie tracking, retargeting, or personal profiling
  • No sharing of personal data with advertisers
  • No storing of user search history
  • Unbiased, unfiltered search results
  • Encrypted search terms

In addition, with Advanced Privacy Mode enabled, OneSearch’s encrypted search results link will expire within an hour, adding another layer of privacy in the event that multiple people use the same device or if a search results link is shared with a friend.

“This is in line with our strong commitment to lead the industry over the last couple decades,” added Albers. “We are excited to evolve further, along with our partners and users, delivering a brand-new, privacy-minded experience for the search ecosystem.”

To allow for a free search engine experience, OneSearch is an ad-supported platform. Ads will be contextual, based on factors like search keywords, not cookies or browsing history. For example, if someone searches for "flights to Paris," they may see ads for travel booking sites or airlines that travel to Paris.

OneSearch is immediately available today for the North American market on desktop and mobile web. It will be available via mobile app on Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) later this month, with availability in other countries coming soon.

To learn more about OneSearch, please visit www.onesearch.com.


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