Oath Announces Winners of 2017 Advertising Knockout Challenge in Omaha

Oath Announces Winners of 2017 Advertising Knockout Challenge in Omaha

Bre Phelan, Project Management Lead, Ad Creative Tech

The challenge: With a $2M budget, your challenge is to grow the millennial audience across the Yahoo Finance brand while increasing overall Yahoo finance app downloads. You must leverage at least one other non-finance related Oath brand as part of your solution.

That's the challenge nearly 30 students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Creighton University were recently presented with at Oath's Omaha office as part of our annual Advertising Knockout Challenge. Today we're announcing the winners of this year's challenge, who were awarded a trophy, gift certificate and had their pitch shared with Oath's marketing team.

First place: The winning team was Kylie Holman from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Kristen Fellhoelter from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Creighton University students Hannah Wilson and Molly Rogers. Their pitch focused on "The Value of Now" and included guerrilla marketing techniques and an interactive game aimed at increasing app downloads among millennials. They also proposed recommendations for personalizing the Yahoo Finance app to increase daily active users and encourage user loyalty.

Second place: The second place team was Jessica Nguyen from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Michael Lyons from Creighton University, and Lyle Kwiatkowski from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Their approach was aimed at "Building a Bridge" between millennials and financial planning. Their tactic was to create digestible content with the goal of demonstrating how easy it is to learn and understand personal finances and integrate it into your daily life.

The challenge tests the public relations, social media, campaign strategy, budget planning and media buying acumen of creative, communications and marketing students. The student proposals were judged by a panel of professors from the participating colleges and Oath employees, or Builders as we like to say, and included unique solutions with outside-the-box thinking--just the type of talent Oath employs. Both winning teams also integrated other Oath brands, including RYOT, our award-winning media brand that specializes in making exceptional, premium video content in both traditional and emerging formats, and BUILD, our live interview series where fans get to sit with their favorite stars.

This tremendous opportunity matches university programs with our advertising needs for talent development. At Oath, our technical innovations are driven just as much by our engineering talent as they are by our creative talent. We see the arts and creative thinking as highly valuable components of our business and to innovation. This symbiotic relationship between art and science is helping to drive development of more diverse products that are both powerful for our users and beautiful.