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Join Oak at Yahoo Hack Together

Eshcar Hillel, Director, Research

Person wearing yellow sweater working on laptop within house

We are excited to be part of Yahoo Hack Together, a virtual, open source hackathon, which runs March 21 - 28.

Oak is a Java open source library that provides solutions for managing big data off the JVM heap. You can learn more about Oak in our recent blog postIf you work with big data, love concurrency challenges, want to learn how to best utilize off-heap memory, or simply be part of an open source community -- this is your chance.

We invite you to collaborate with our team in the hackathon. You will have the opportunity to work on a range of issues: as challenging as adding new features and as simple as revising our documentation. You can also win prizes if your contribution is accepted.

Hope you can join us!

The Oak Team