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Join Screwdriver (Open Source Build Platform for Continuous Delivery) at cdCon 2021

Rachael Andrew, Open Source Program Mgr, Verizon Media

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Screwdriver is an open source build platform designed for Continuous Delivery. It allows you to easily define the path that your code takes from Pull Request to Production. Screwdriver is presenting at cdCon 2021 (June 23-24, Virtual). cdCon will showcase 162 presenters including continuous delivery leaders, industry icons, practitioners, and open source developers as the conference seeks to “improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed”. cdCon 2021 is free to attend with registration donations going to support several incredible organizations: Black Girls Code, She Code Africa, and Women Who Code

There will be three other talks about Screwdriver from users. If you’re interested in using Screwdriver and learning more about continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), be sure to register!

Hope to see you at cdCon! 

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How the Yahoo/Verizon Media Python Screwdriver Template Philosophy for CI/CD Made Collaborating Less Like Herding Cats

June 23, 3:40 PM EDT/12:40 PM PDT

Speaker: Dwight Hubbard, Principal Software Dev Engineer, Yahoo/Verizon Media

In this talk, Dwight will explain the philosophy Yahoo/Verizon Media uses to design and support the Python language templates for Screwdriver, and how the philosophy simplifies ease of use and supports Screwdriver for CI/CD.

Events at Screwdriver

June 23, 3:50 PM EDT/12:50 PM PDT

Speakers: Alan Dong, Software Engineer & Jithin Emmanuel, Sr Mgr, Software Dev Engineering, Verizon Media

In this session, Alan and Jithin will cover terms like Event, Build, Trigger, and showcase how Screwdriver uses Events to make all Pipelines and Builds connected, and how they use these nuts & bolts to build their UI visualization.

How Using Screwdriver for CI/CD Reduced Vespa’s Time Spent on Builds and Pull Requests by 75%

June 23, 4:00 PM EDT/1:00 PM PDT

Speaker: Arnstein Ressem, Principal Software Systems Engineer, Verizon Media

This presentation is an experience report on how switching to Screwdriver helped Vespa, the open source big data serving engine, to reduce the time spent on builds and pull requests by 75% on average.

Accelerate Your Cloud Development With Buildpacks and Screwdriver 

June 23, 4:40 PM EDT/1:40 PM PDT

Speaker: Juan Peredo, Independent IT Architect, Bolbeck LLC

This talk will walk through a demo that shows how to leverage Cloud Native Build Packs to speed creation of additional components like Docker, Kubernetes, and CI/CD with little developer effort. It will also show how to use Screwdriver to quickly setup and operate pipelines and easily manage your application.