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Yahoo Hack Together 2021 - Hackathon Recap

Ashley Wolf, Director of Open Source & Rachael Andrew, Open Source Program Manager

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Thank you to all the Yahoo Hack Together participants and supporters. It was our first virtual, open source hackathon event, which ran March 21-28, 2021. Yahoo Hack Together coincided with Yahoo Build It Forward to showcase new Yahoo applications and features.


All of the open source projects in scope for the event received numerous submissions with about 100 total contributions. The contributions will help us:

  • Increase open source external contributions
  • Gain long-term open source project followers 
  • Increase tech brand and open source program awareness

The Open Source Projects

Arkime: A large scale, indexed packet capture and search tool.

Athenz: Platform for X.509 certificate-based service authentication and fine-grained access control in dynamic infrastructures.

Denali: Themeable design system providing the ease of building with a framework without sacrificing your unique visual style.

Elide: A Java library that lets you stand up model driven GraphQL/JSON-API web services for CRUD or analytics.

Hurl: An http server load tester with support for TLS, HTTP2, multithreading, parallelism, and url ranges that is primarily useful for benchmarking http server applications.

K8s-Athenz: Libraries that synchronize the Athenz domain data including the roles, services, and policies into corresponding Kubernetes AthenzDomain custom resources.

Oak: A library that provides solutions for managing big data off the JVM heap. These thread-safe solutions allow applications to store data off-heap, significantly reducing memory footprint and GC overhead.

Screwdriver: A self-contained, pluggable service to help you build, test, and continuously deliver software using the latest containerization technologies.

Vespa: The big data serving engine - store, search, organize and make machine-learned inferences over big data at serving time.

Yavin: A framework for rapidly building custom data applications that offers both a UI and an API. It can be deployed as a standalone Business Intelligence tool.

Looking Forward

Keep an eye out for details on the next hackathon! Hope you can join us when we're ready to do it all again! Follow @VerizonMediaOSS and @YDN for updates.