State of Native 2019

Demo on skateboard

As we enter a new age of speed and capability, marketers have a scaled opportunity to create meaningful brand connections through customer-first experiences that extend across advertising touchpoints. Native is successful because it evolves at the pace of people. It started with a small square static image, and has become a future-first solution that guides people along their path to purchase.

As a pioneer of native, Verizon Media has long kept a finger on the pulse of where native is today, while paving the way to where it's going in the future. Dive into our State of Native eBook to get a in-depth look at the industry and discover why native has become today's most powerful ad experience.

Inside, you'll discover:
· Why advertisers are turning to native
· How customer behavior is driving native growth
· How people respond to content and brands when exposed to native
· What type of content surrounding native ads is optimal
· How native and data are working together to create experiences built around customer value

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