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AirAsia Boosts Awareness with Yahoo Content Marketing

Couple of kayakers swims in bay under the cliff. Krabi province, Thailand


At A Glance


Increase top of mind awareness for AirAsia's Asia Dream Trips deals and build a young and fun connection with the audience


Asia Dream Trips campaign made use of a multitude of content formats to inspire potential travelers to book with AirAsia


The campaign generated in 487k page views with an average dwell time of 3.5 minutes, well above the average 1.5 minute

Now Everyone Can Fly

Beyond driving sales, Asia Dream Trips is about engaging consumers interests and giving them ideas about what to do and where to go. AirAsia teamed up with Yahoo to launch the Asia Dream Trips campaign, where a wide array of content was made consumable through mobile and desktop. By integrating Yahoo's unique capabilities, we reached and engaged the audience at scale.


  • Engage with audience
  • Drive awareness of AirAsia's new destinations
  • Influence perception of brand, to be associated with being fun and cool
  • Ultimately, drive brand favourability

Campaign period: Apr 11 to Sep 17, 2017

How We Go There

Solutions used

Native Ad Display Ads Travel Editorials Videos Social Posts

Landing On Success


  • Busted goal: Total traffic expectations (PVs) were exceeded by 90%.
  • High engagement and shares helped bring the % of earned media traffic to 23%.
  • Generating brand love: Readers of the content showed stronger brand favorability, higher purchase intent and better association with the brands key attributes: fun, cool, and approachable.

Yahoo worked with Kantar to conduct a comprehensive measurement study for AirAsia's campaign which showed this holistic branded experience, from the use of native ads, branded videos and more, was highly effective at helping the brand meet their objectives. Ultimately, this campaign was a success at raising awareness of AirAsia's destinations, influencing brand perception and driving immediate conversions.