​​​​​​​Caltex teams up with Yahoo to increase brand loyalty 

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Caltex Auto Know-How

Campaign period: March 27th to October 10th, 2017

  • Create visibility and top of mind in the highly competitive auto market
  • Influence perception and positioning
  • Educate consumers on Caltex's Techron product technology and its loyalty program
  • Influence sales


• Improve brand awareness and recognition of Caltex's Techron product benefits

• Position PLUS!, a loyalty programme Caltex teamed up with, as the best loyalty program in the market and educate audience on how they can best benefit from this programme


The Caltex campaign was one of the first campaigns to use all four of Oath's key solutions at the time. This allowed the brand to reach audiences at various stages of the purchase funnel.

  • Native ads (display and video) to distribute content
  • Content marketing
  • Premium ads
  • Audience ads

From conceptualisation to creation, we tailored our experience to Singaporeans' online behaviour, whether in the form of mobile-friendly content or promotional deals which the local market responds well to.

Tools Used

Native Ad Display Ad Infographic Video Social Post Comic


Over the 6-month campaign period, the content solution alone generated 270k page views, and reached out to 156k users, or the equivalent of 8% of licensed drivers in Singapore.

Other goals:

  • Visibility: Online ad awareness increased by 20.8%
  • Association: The association of Caltex with a great loyalty program perception grew by 10% and the awareness of Caltex Techron technology increased by 18%
  • Influencing sales: the Auto Know-How site encouraged visitors to find out more about Techron, with 34% of auto-know how readers going on to find out more about Techron after their visit

Caltex Auto Know-How - Ask Uncle campaign video: