How to make native ads work for your business

How to make native ads work for your business

Native advertising has progressed from a buzzword to a must-have marketing tool thanks to the format's versatile ability to help advertisers drive action, conversions, and brand storytelling. Our eBook, "Making Native Work for Your Business," compiles insights and best practices to help digital marketers find success with native advertising, regardless of their campaign objectives.

Although the native advertising ecosystem is relatively new, it grew 36% between 2016 and 2017, ballooning into a $22 billion industry (source: eMarketer, US Native Ad Spending, 2016-2018). Have you started investing in native advertising campaigns?

To create a successful native advertising campaign, it's helpful to keep these three key tactics in mind:

  • Create compelling ads. Unlike traditional display ads, native ads appear right in the content stream and mimic the form and function of the content around them. For example, with Oath Native & Search ads appear in line with Oath's news, sports, and financial information. Are your native ads as compelling as the day's top news stories? Assembling, and iterating on, the optimal combination of ad copy, images and video can make your brand message stand out in the stream.
  • Reach the right audience. Native ads can have a broad reach, with Oath Native & Search ads serving across Oath's properties, apps, and beyond. How can you make sure that you're delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time? We've developed a comprehensive suite of targeting options; however, applying the best targeting options to meet your business objectives, while enabling an ongoing conversation with users can seem like a puzzle. We suggest taking a full funnel approach to targeting that utilizes specific tactics at each stage of the purchase path.
  • Bring home the conversion. As an advertiser you might think your ad is your first and only impression, but consumers ultimately decide if your product or service is worth their time on your site. Once you've perfected your ad creative, be sure you don't lose out with a bad landing page. The right landing page should have robust content that matches what's promised in the ad, in addition to offering a user-friendly and mobile-friendly experience.

Learn more about the specific best practices for executing each of these three steps with our eBook.

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